What the Ladybird heard

The story of “What the ladybird heard” takes place on a farm.

There were 2 men in a black van. They were 2 thieves; they wanted to steal the fine prize cow.


The ladybird heard the thieves making a plan to steal the cow in the dead of night. Quickly the ladybird went back to the farm and told the other animals about the thieves wanting to steal the cow.

The animals were surprised, scared, sad, worried and frightened.

The ladybird told the animals her good plan to distract the thieves and make them fall in the fishpond.

The thieves arrived and followed their plan. The animals made different sounds to make them fall in the fishpond, making a big splash.

The farmer woke up and called the police because he saw the thieves.

The police came and put the thieves in the police car.

The ladybird was clever for making such a good plan.

All the animals danced, the 2 cats meowed and the farmer danced because they saved the cow and they were all happy.

by Hugo

Year 3

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