Paloma the Dodgems Fairy


Paloma the Dodgem Fairy os a nook about a dodgem fairy called Paloma who has lost her key ring so the dodgems can work again at the funfair. It is up to Rachel and Kirsty to help save the day.

I first read it on Friday and then read it again on Saturday.

It was an easy book to read because the words were huge. I enjoyed reading it becauseĀ there were some funny parts like when the goblins reached out to get food and one of them almost fell out the dodgem car.

The book has illustrations that help me learn and discover.

The book has 6 chapters and every chapter has 8 pages. I think this is a good book length and I enjoyed reading it.

There are three other books in the funfair series and I would like to read them if I can find them.

by Olivia in Year 3.

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