If you’ve ever wondered how they get the little bits inside a snow globe then wonder no more for all is explained in ‘Snowglobe’ by Amy Wilson. For you see, the little fox, the giant dog, the mermaid and your best friend from school are all carefully trapped inside a tiny globe by MAGIC! (This won’t make much sense to you if you haven’t read the book.)

The story is about Clementine, a 12 year old school girl who lives with her father. Her mother is missing and nobody knows where she’s gone. Clementine is bullied at school and the story opens with Clementine lashing out against the bullies by sending one of them flying across a classroom and getting excluded. Nobody knows how Clementine did it but it’s clear there’s probably powerful magic involved…

The rest of the book explores Clementine’s struggle with coming to terms with her powers and finding her mother. There’s a mysterious house that appears to her that holds the secrets to finding her mother but there are many challenges to overcome before she can find happiness. She has to rescue her best friend Dylan and the rescue Dylan’s dog Helios before there’s a final foray into the house to find what Clementine has been looking for all along…

If you like books about magic and quests then you’ll love this book. I think you’ll enjoy how Clementine learns to control her powers and how her relationship with her friend Dylan develops through the story. There’s also some really intense action sequences where the heroes become trapped themselves in the tiny worlds of the Snowglobes which make the story fast paced and exciting.

I’ll never shake another Snowglobe again…

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