The Lost Words


The Lost Words by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris

This absolutely stunning book was written as the author’s response to vanishing language. The Oxford Junior Dictionary had omitted several common, everyday nature words from its new edition and Robert Macfarlane has scooped some of these words up and presented them as acrostic spell-poems, enhanced by beautiful illustrations from the brilliant Jackie Morris.

The words themselves are linked to woodlands, fields and hedgerows – nothing special you might think. But when you look through this book and realise that the words not deemed relevant enough to make the OJD include bramble, acorn, otter, kingfisher, bluebell (my favourite flower)… there is a real fear that there will come a time when a whole generation of children will not only not recognize these words, but will also not appreciate the nature behind the words.

This book seeks to resurrect the magic of language along with a reminder of the magic of nature. It is a book that shouldn’t be rushed but be given time to be read and cherished.

Reviewed by Mrs Godfrey


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