Running on the Roof of the World

By Jess Butterworth

This is a really interesting book because it deals with the Chinese occupation of Tibet and how this impacts on a girl called Tashi-La and her friend Sam.

“Hope leads us on unexpected pathways”

When her family home is raided by Chinese soldiers and her parents are taken away, Tash is entrusted with a secret document that she has to carry across the border to India. Unable to face the quest alone she takes her best friend Sam and a couple of Yaks called Eve and Bones. The story follows their journey through treacherous conditions to the Indian border and imminent safety…roofoftheworld

It is a thought provoking, inspirational story which explores the themes of friendship, family and love. There are some genuinely sad moments in the story around loss but ultimately the story leaves you hopeful.

I’m not quite sure what a Yak looks like but for large parts of the book I couldn’t get the image of the Bantha creature out of the Empire Strikes Back from the Star Wars movies. Jess Butterworth’s description of the journey across the mountains is so good it makes you want to put on another jumper and make a cup of tea to get warm.

The book is written in short, succinct chapters from the perspective of Tash. By the end of the story you feel a real affinity and love for her strength and humanity.


By Mr Garley

Age: TBC


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