Reading at IJS



Ijs love to read!

Let’s wander through this remarkable adventure together…

I said to Mrs Meekings this morning via a text message (because it’s Saturday and we rarely see each other on a Saturday) that I was going to start a blog about reading for our children and our parents at Irthlingborough Junior School.

I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing as yet but I do know I’m getting a bit tetchy with the way the text keeps seemingly jumping around and I also want to insert a picture but I want to fix it in one place and it keeps moving. thing 1 thing 2

Anyway, the idea behind the blog is to celebrate reading; to cement in our children’s hearts and minds and everyday lives, that reading is something remarkable and special. That it’s better than TV and movies and it’s better than computer games and consoles and iPads because getting lost in a book is a joy that stays with you a long time like the light in the summer.

We want this blog to be owned by the children and their parents. We want them to share their favourite books and write reviews. We want them to create lists and puzzles and quizzes and games.

We want this book to celebrate all that is remarkably brilliant about Reading (not the Berkshire version) in our school community.

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